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    Chinese English WELCOME TO!

    TEL +86532-88569678


    电话: 0532-88565586

    手 机:13608982121




    WT-1D Manual Gilding Press
    Computerize Gilding Press For Bankbook and Magnetic Slice From Japan’s Technology (30m/min) (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    Circle/Special Shaped Dual Purpose Heat Transfer Machine (Suitable For Elliptical Glasses Box , Cosmetic Cover etc)
    WT-1A Lead Gilding Press With Bottom Heating
    WT-4 Semi-auto PVC Synchronous Gilding Press
    WT-1 Manual Gilding Press(Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted ) From American Technology
    WT-6Metal Heat transfer machine (Double-face) (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    WT-1B manual bronzing machine
    WT-17 Computerized Auto Hot Stamping Machine For Cloth
    WT-14 Rolling Heat Transfer Machine
    WT-12 Pneumatic Pressure Plane Gilding Press (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    wt-9Circle/Special Shaped Gilding Press Suitable for the gilding of large special plastic component such as the chassis and decoration of refrigerator of Haier 568L
    WT-15 Circle Rolling Gilding Press (Fit For The Cover Of Plastic Bottle ,Cosmetic &Other Package )
    WT-7 Hydraulic Gilding Press For Couplet (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    WT-20(B)Pneumatic Pressure Gilding PressSelf-In/Out Gilding Press (5T)
    WT-20(A)Hydraulic Worktable Self-In/Out Gilding Press(10T) (Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    WT-8 Circle/Plane Dual Purpose Gilding Press
    WT-20CPneumatic Pressure Gilding PressSelf-In/Out Gilding Press (5T)
    WT-22Electric Corner Cutting Machine
    WT-21Corner Cutting Machine
    WT-25Auto PVC Card Machine :50-120 Times/Min (Absorbing American Technology )
    WT-24 (A) (B) Gluing Machine to Make Glue on the Board to Cling Cockroach From Japan’s Technology
    WT-19Pneumatic Increasing Pressure Gilding Press (Max. Pressure 3T, Electrochemical Aluminum can be adjusted )
    Stay eyebrow pencil
    Sample appreciation
    WT-28 Computerized Electric High Effective Gilding Press
    WT-26Auto Computerized PVC Card Machine :50-120 Times/Min (Absorbing Germany Technology )
    WT-29AElectromotive High-effective Gilding Press
    WT-32 Gilding Press For Crossband With Pipe Rolling
    WT-33BAnti-counterfeiting Brand Hot Stamping Machine
    WT-33AAnti-counterfeiting Brand Hot Stamping Machine
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    联系人:江崇刚 电话:0532-88569678 88565586 手机:13608982121
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